Advisory Board

Hello, the LWAC Advisory Board welcomes you to our website!  We have come together with the common goal of promoting and supporting Lithuanian art and culture around the world.  When you see the LWAC name and logo you can be sure that it represents something that we as a group stand behind and believe in.  We hope to nurture and inspire Lithuanian artists, young and old, to keep pushing the limits, to keep taking risks, and to keep the creativity and positivity flowing.  We appreciate your support and look forward to meeting you at one of our events. Thank you / Aciu!

Marius Markevičius
President / Co-Founder
"My goal in establishing the LWAC is to unite Lithuanian artists around the world. We can achieve more together than separately. W...
Daiva Čekanauskas Navarrette
Managing Director / Co-Founder
"So strong, so intense is the power of the arts and I am absolutely thrilled to help create the new LWAC. Together we have the opp...
Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla
"Lithuania has a rich tradition of art and wonderful artists. As a nationality, we Lithuanians need to continue investing and cont...
Marius Jovaiša
"There are so many talented word class Lithuanian artists scattered around the whole world. It’s time we created a system of joini...
Rūta Šepetys
"When others tried to silence the country, Lithuanians used music, poetry, dance, and the arts to express their emotions and devel...
Žilvinas Naujokas
“Movies are perhaps the most popular and effective form of audiovisual art in terms of connecting people around the world. Lithua...
Martynas Levickis
"I am very excited to join the LWAC Advisory Board together with a group of interesting and inspiring Lithuanian artists around th...
Edita Vilkevičiūtė
"Now more than ever, Lithuanian creativity and art is flourishing around the world. The LWAC presents an exciting opportunity to k...
Beata Nicholson
Chef / Author
Coming soon